Natural hair texture determines how well your hair will hold curl.  The more coarse, and texturized the hair is naturally, the better it will hold a curl. Fine hair (silky, shiny, generally more straight) will have a more difficult time holding a curl.  These are just the laws of science, but there are a few things you can do to help your hair hold a curl if it naturally wants to be straight!

1. Start with a good base.

If you blow dry your hair straight and then flat iron it, but then decide you want curls a day or two later, curl won't hold as well. You need to start with a curl as a base if you are going for a curled style.

I like to start with blow dried hair (I find this helps keep hair tame and cuticle in the right direction).  Blow dry using the Kenra Blow Dry Spray and then work the Kenra Thickening Mousse through at the root to give your hair and little bit of grit.  If your hair is dry before curling, try adding a little bit of dry shampoo or texture spray to give the hair some artificial texture.

2. Curl your hair using a high quality curling iron.

I use the BioIonic Long Barrel Iron in 1.25" on myself and all of my clients.  Note: Don't brush through the ringlets as you curl them.  Leave them alone, I promise it'll all work out in the end!

3. Hairspray and let cool. 

Hairspray lightly using the Kenra 25 Volume Spray and let all the curls cool completely before you brush through them.  Letting the curl cool entirely will help them hold so much better.

4. Use your fingers to comb them out. 

Instead of taking a brush to your curls, use your fingers to move through the ringlets rather than pulling them down with a brush. This will help if your hair has a hard time holding onto curl because you can use your fingers to piece the hair apart rather than pulling it down and flattering the curls.




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