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I have personally used all of the products we offer at Shop Salon M and approve of them all. We keep our product catalog small and full of quality so that you don't have to spend hours searching. Take the 1-minute hair quiz for personalized product recommendations.

Healthy, fast-growing hair

Hair growth is one of the biggest issues that my clients encounter. Because of this, I have included my favorite healthy-hair products and made them easy to shop for.

Maintain your salon cut and color

Salon-quality hair styles require salon-quality products to maintain them. With professional styling products, you'll notice you can go longer between washes and maintain that perfect salon hair for longer.

Walking into the beauty supply store is overwhelming

...even to seasoned hair stylists. There are always new lines and products with new claims about how to address current problems.

That's why I've fine tuned regimens and systems that have completely transformed the quality and maintenance of my clients hair, and I'm ready to do the same for you.

How It Works

1. Take the hair quiz

Let's find out what your hair type and goals are so that we can create a perfect product regimen for you.

2. Receive your personal product recommendations

You've got mail! Check your e-mail for Maureen's product recommendations for you.

3. Shop and save

Shop for your perfect-hair regimen and save when you opt to receive them as a part of a subscription.