Malibu Swimmers Wellness Collection


Why I love Malibu Swimmers Wellness Set

"This set is a great maitenece set to use while swimming. The Malibu Swimmers Set is gentle enough to use every time you swim while removing chlorine and other chemicals."

The Low Down

How It Works

Kit Contents:

Swimmers Wellness Shampoo - 9 oz

Swimmers Wellness Conditioner - 9 oz

Four FREE Swimmers Natural Wellness Treatment - 5 grams each


Nourishes, strengthens and protects while preventing damage and discoloration 

Removes damaging mineral deposits and toxins left on hair after swimming

Lifts out green discoloration by removing copper buildup

Restores manageability, vibrancy and moisture

How To Use

Apply to damp hair. Lather. Rinse. Follow with Conditioner. In case of contact with eyes; rinse immediately.


Nourishing wellness ingredients

L-ascorbic acid

BetaineFlax protein